Particle separator

To reduce finedust emissions professionally



The electrostatic finedust filter OekoTube-Inside is a possibility to reduce particle emissions. It can be used for all Hargassner wood chip-, pellet- or wood log boilers up to 100 kW.



Optionally available and can also be retrofitted for boilers from 20-230 kW, the particle separator reduces fine-dust emission through an electrostatic
method significantly - depending on the type of fuel. In the eCleaner, an electrostatic charging of the fine particles takes place, which then depose on the walls before they are being transported automatically into the regular ashbox of the boiler.



Available for a power range of 250-330 kW.
The flue gas from the boiler is first of all fluidically aligned. They flow through the stainless steel pipes in which both electrostatic charging and particle separation take place. The gas cleaned by this process passes the chimney. The dust falls into a collection container during the cleaning process.