Boiler for the private heating

Heat your private home


The perfect heating solution for your home

We heat up your private home efficiently.

No matter if heating with Pellets, Wood Chips or Wood Logs. In our product range there is a perfect solution for everyone in new buildings, as well as in the field of renovation or boiler replacement. Biomass heating systems are environmentally friendly, CO2-neutral, cost-effective and are additionally promoted in many countries by governenemt.

When it comes to heating systems for private homes, the demand for it can be challenging and various. In the last decades, Hargassner evolved to be a top-seller in the biomass boiler business. Todays headlines "fridays for future", "mission2030" and further other approaches, we have to rethink our current status. This is one key aspect, why we have developed our current pellets- and wood chips product range from 6 kW up to 2,5 MW in a casce solution as well as our wood log boilers from 20-110 kW.

Latest technology, combined with Know-how of the last 36 years guarantee our customers a modern product. Highest efficiency compared with lowest costs for heating are inclusive!

Beside of our boiler solutions, various storage solutions play an important role when deciding for a biomass boiler.

As a full range supplier we are also able to provide you this specific individual solution, next to accessories - starting from accumulator, hot water tank up to solar panels.

Your heating solution for your multi family home

Our pelletboilers are also a perfect solution for heating various appartments. With one central heating systemall appartments can be heated cosy and supplied with hot domestic water during the whole year.

Latest generation of Smart Home

All Hargassner boilers can be controlled remotely with an APP solution. Just download the APP to your mobile phone - and get started. All of our boilers can be connected to various building automation solutions.


Heating solutions for your private home
Advantages at a glance:

  • Compact and space saving, adaptable to room-requirements
  • Lowest emissions and highest efficiency thanks to latest combustion technology
  • Simple control with touch technology and smart home solution
  • CO2 neutral and odourless
  • Heating with local fuel
  • Independet from oil and gas
  • Financial support through subsidies from local government

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