Decentralized heating on a grand scale

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Hargassner local and district heating

Ecological heating solutions for local and district heating

The principle of local heating is focused on heating other homes. A central biomass local heating network supplies several households up to a small town with thermal heat.

The biomass heating plant includes the boiler room and storage room. Well insulated pipes lead to the individual heat consumers. Most heating plants use wood chips as fuel.

Local and district heating systems - ecological and powerful

Local & long-distance heating networks are one of the most convenient ways of heating for the end customer. In this way, neither a heating or a storage room in the house have to be taken into account, nor does one have anything to do as a pure heat consumer with the preparation of the heat for its own house.

With our biomass heating solutions we can achieve a heating capacity of up to 2.5 MW. The heating plant can be a stand-alone building or even one of our heating module solutions. In addition, there is the possibility to generate not only heat but also electricity with our CHP plant.

A sub-station is installed in each heat-absorbing house/building, which serves to feed the heat into its central heating system. This means that you only pay for the amount of heat actually consumed, which is measured accurately and transparently in the transfer station.

Local & disctrict heating for private homes
Advantages at a glance

  • No boiler - or storage room necessary
  • No costs for maintenance, chimney sweep, etc..
  • Simple operation via thermostat
  • Accurate and detailled acounting for your own heat-demand


Local & district heating networks
Advantages for operators

  • For agricultural communities: ideal usage for residual wood
  • Additional source of income
  • Heating with biomass: CO2 neutral & environmentally friendly
  • High subsidies possible

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