Heating solutions for agricultural operations

In agriculture
the perfect heating solution


The perfect heating solution for agriculture

Efficient heating for for farm and forestry operation

Especially in the agriculutural and forestry sectory, there are a lot of advantages when heating with renewable energy. Very often, there is a high demand for thermal energy, as there is a main house, stable, several additional houses. Completely different to the normale single family home.

Our wood chip as well as wood log boilers are perfectly prepared for various situations like these. Starting from 20 kW we can offer you your individual solution

As a leading pioneer for wood chips boilers, we are represented worldwide since 36 years. During that time, we have been able to improve  our technology and we are able to guarantee our customers completely automatic products  with latest technological know-how and longest lifetime! Our wood chip boilers Eco-HK are efficient and energy saving biomass boilers and support your with lowest maintenance time during operation.

Many owners of farms and forest industry operations have the fuel right in front of their home. For the production of wood chips, residual wood from the local forests or from the saw mill industry are being used. This is a perfect chance to get rid of waste wood and additionally to have an additional source of income - when selling wood chips

Our wood log boilers are equiped with latest combustion technology. We reach highest efficency combined with lowest emssions - with 1/2 meter as well as 1 meter wood-logs. The fuel is right in front of the home.


Storage solutions and other accessories

We do not only offer latest biomass boiler technology, but also a professional sales team - consulting you individually. You also need to plan your storage accordingly. Depending on the need of your boiler. We are able to offer various storage solutions in your home as well as external in a heating module.

For all our boilers, we offer accessories, like accumulators or a latest control unit depending on your individual needs.

Agricultural and forestry operators are able to benefit enormously from the subsidy programs of the country and federation with the acquisition of biomass boilers. There are various solutions available in each country.

Heating solutions for agricultural subsidies
Advantages at a glance

  • Usage of residual wood and additional income through sales of wood chips
  • Lowest workload through automatical production
  • Enormous saving of workload through an automatic boiler solution
  • Efficient and energy saving boiler
  • CO2-neutral and odourless
  • Heating with local fuel
  • Independet from oil and gas
  • Financial support through subsidies from local government


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