Hargassner Refuelling Systems

for Wood Chips

With the new developed vertical refuelling systems for wood chips, difficult accessible rooms can be easily refilled. For instance, storage rooms in upper floors without appropriate access roads or also containers can be handled very comfortably. The refill trough is available in two different formats: 2.10 m and 2.80 m in length, either with or without suitable transportation wheels.

Depending on the situation on-site, it is also possible to sink the trough into the ground-floor. Additionally, Hargassner offers a special framework and rain protection cover for trouble-free opening and comfortable unloading the chips from a trailer. The vertical filling system can handle heights up to 8 m and uses at the top a specially constructed ejecting system at the top - including an adjustable metal sheet cover (yellow) to ensure best distribution in the storage room. Output: 50 m³/h; depending on the quality of the wood chips.

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Hargassner Refuelling Systems for Wood Chips


Filling of the trough through a tippe
easy and fast

Hargassner Refuelling Systems for Wood Chips

The way into the storage room
patented ejector


Complete refill
NO dust!