Smart-PK 17-32 kW

Smart PK

Compact size & functionality!

Compact design
Pellet day hopper with cover, top grid and integrated fill level indicator (268 lt / 174 kg)
Possible to place onto 3 walls
Automatic energy-saving ignition with just 300 W

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The new Smart-PK impresses by its compact size, its functionality and of course with its perfect price-performance ratio.

  • Full refractory-lined high-performance combustion
  • Lambda control with automatic calorific value detection
  • Speed controlled "energy-saving" exhaust fan
  • Automatic sliding grate and ash drawer with
    compacting system
  • Manual boiler cleaning lever for cleaning the
    heat exchanger tubes
  • Smoke outlet at the top, left side and back
    Pellet day hopper with cover, top grid
    and integrated fill level indicator (268 lt / 174 kg)
  • Easy filling from bags of pellets
  • Metering cell wheel for 100 % burn-back protection
  • Integrated hydraulic module available (option)
  • Easy to use touch display
  • Latest combustion controller for highest efficiency and lowest emissions
  • Return & accumulator control


Technical data

Type Weight Height Width Depth
Smart-PK 17 - 32 180 kg 1.520 mm 1.080 mm 650 mm



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Smart Touch Control


This unique boiler control with touch-screen operation for increased ease of use controls the entire combustion process. In conjuction with an extension module, all heat circuits can be regulated on an outside temperature basis and the hot water tank can be connected to a differential controller.

Air transport into the day hopper with double rotary valve


The day hopper is filled manually with bags of pellets. When the pellet hopper is almost empty, the control unit issues a 'refill message'. A constant amount of pellets fall through the metering cell wheel rotary valve, which als acts as a 100% burn-back protection thanks to its solid stell design, onto the stoker auger, which then transports the pellets into the combustion chamber.

Fully refractory lined combustion chamber


Refractory has proven itself as the best material available in terms of heat storage, funvtion and durability. As a result, even with partial loads, the boiler provides an optimal combustion process ath high combustion temperatures. It doesn't matter which fuel type you use - softwoods or hardwood logs or briquettes - the control unit uses the Lambda sensor to detect the relevant calorific value and sets the ideal primary and secondary air with seperate motors. Your heating system is always working with the needes heat output at optimum combustion values.