Smart Home Solution

Let's get started - Switch to the new Hargassner APP

1) App - the remote control

Hargassner boilers can be controlled very comfortable via the Hargassner APP on the smartphone or tablet. With the new Hargassner APP you can easily and quickly adapt the settings of your boiler and check the information from your boiler whenever and wherever.

  • Improved user concept
  • Modern and attractive design
  • Real-time communication: Boiler data and parameter adaptions are transfered immediately
  • Compact set-up overview
  • Diagram view for the most important values (accumulator filling level, boiler output)
  • Solar control is integrated in the APP
  • Status of pump: If the pump is active, the pump-symbol is highlighted green and rotating
  • Heatmeter that are connected to the boiler can be displayed
  • Redirection to a mobile WEB version (extended functionality)
  • Language support (12 languages)
  • Improved stability of the online services


This is how the new app from Hargassner presents itself. With a user interface perfectly designed to meet customer requirements, it is safe, simple and above all self-explanatory. Access to your heating system is now possible worldwide.
Important messages are immediately transmitted to your mobile device via push message or e-mail. This enables you to know the status of your heating system at any time.



In addition to quick and easy access via smartphone or tablet, we now also offer you the possibility to access your heating system via your web browser.

On you can easily log in with your existing user name and password. This application provides you with even more detailed setting options and you will receive additional information such as long-term diagram views.