Magno VR 250-600

Industrial heating systems

Forward grate firing (VR) for high power demand. For the operation with dry and wet woodchips (up to M60/W60)

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Massive radiator arched roof
Forward grate firing (VR) for wood chips up to M60/W60

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Our industrial boiler for large power demand with forward grate firing technology. Designed for permanent high-performance operation for hotels, restaurants, but also district heating schemes and large commercial as well as industrial enterprises.  Highest temperature of the combustion gas guarantees a clean and efficient combustion. Also with wet woodchips. All our boilers can be equipped with Low NOx technology. 

  • Forward grate firing for drying, gasification and fuel combustion
  • Automatic de-ash at end of grate
  • Grate carriage with maintenance-free sliding guides
  • Forward grate firing technology driven by hydraulic drive
  • Dual-walled steel housing design to preheat the combustion air
  • Combustion control via flue gas temp. sensor, combustion chamber temp. sensor, boiler temp. sensor and Lambda sensor
  • Radiation vault in element structure for easy vault stone replacement up to Magno-VR 600
  • Ceramic lining of the combustion chamber in high temperature resistant concrete up to Magno-VR 600
  • Double-hinged combustion chamber door in front wall of combustion chamber
  • Cleaning and service door below grate
  • Dynamic combustion air control by air dampers and air flow sensors
  • Automatic, pneumatic heat exchanger cleaning
  • Suitable for wood chips EN, ISO17225-4 to P31S up to M60/W60 and pellets EN ISO-17225-2, Swisspellets DINplus, EN plus


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