Magno SR 800-2500 kW

Industrial heating systems

Step grate firing (SR) for highest power demand. In operation with dry and wet woodchips (up to W60)

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Massive radiator arched roof
Step grate firing (SR) for Wood chips W60

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Our boilers are designed for permanent high-performance operation. With solutions up to 2,500 kW capacity, we offer an extensive range of products! The target groups of these industrial boilers range from gastronomy and hotels to heating plants and large commercial and industrial enterprises. Modulating operation and highest efficiency up to 93% are possible.

  • Step grate firing (SR) for drying, gasification and combustion of the fuel
  • Automatic ash removal at the end of the grate
  • Grate carriage with maintenance free slide reails
  • Grate mechanism and under grate ash discharge by hydraulic drive
  • Double wall steel housing for pre-heating the combustion air
  • Combustion control via flue gas temperature, lambda sensor, combustion chamber temperature and boiler temperature
  • Radiator arched roof in element structure
  • Combustion chamber door at the front with safety catch and interlock
  • Cleaning and servicing doors under the grate
  • Dynamic combustion air control with air flaps and air flow measurement
  • Automatic pneumatic heat exchanger cleaning
  • Suitable for Wood Chips ÖNORM EN14961-4, EN ISO17225-4 up to G50/P45S, ÖNORM M7133, bis W60/M60


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