Cogeneration of heat and power

Heating modules

The energy supply of the future is changing rapidly and presents us with new challenges.

Compact design
Minimal space requirement
Biomass gasifier with filter unit
Sophisticated control concept

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In an energy mix with renewable energies such as solar and wind power, highly efficient biomass cogeneration makes an important contribution to a stable and environmentally friendly energy supply. A small power plant that produces heat and electricity decentrally is the ideal solution for everyone who wants to reduce energy costs in the long term and decouple themselves from further increases in electricity prices. Hargassner offers with its new KWK 60/20 an interesting solution for the medium power range. This wood CHP from Hargassner is an ideal solution for environmentally friendly energy supply, especially for commercial enterprises, public buildings and local heating network operators.

  • Compact design
  • Minimal space requirement
  • Biomass gasifier with filter unit 
  • Sophisticated control concept
  • Proven and robust gas engine with very high efficiency
  • Over 95% efficiency  
  • Full service provider: Wood gas plant, heat exchanger, conveyor technology, power generation, buffer etc..
  • Complete solution through integration in a Hargassner heating module


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