Eco-PK 70-120 kW

Pellet Boiler

Latest wood chip heating technology

Unique double rotary step grate
Speed-controlled induced draft
Energy saving ignition
Double rotary valves for 100% burnback protection

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The Hargassner heating system for the medium and large output range is particularly suitable for use in apartment buildings, public buildings, industry ...

  • 95% efficiency - Hargassner makes it possible!
  • Unique double rotary step grate
  • Full refractory lined combustion chamber
  • Lambda Sensor¬†with fuel-quality detection
  • Fully¬†automatic ash extraction¬†system (with 300 litre ash bin)
  • Energy saving ignition
  • Firebed monitoring
  • Integrated Touch Display
  • App¬†- Mobile remote control¬†


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