Wood Log Biomass fuel

Classic type of fuel

Heating with Wood Logs is one of the most original forms of heating with Wood. Tree-trunks are being split and cut into various lengths (up to 1 meter) depending on the needs.

To secure a good combustion and high efficiency, the wood logs should be dryed at least 2 years. Therefore the wood logs (mainly in 1 m pieces) are being stored at a sunny place - piled up. If you store the wood-logs in your cellar, please ensure a proper air exchange of the room, that the wood can continue drying.

Well dryed wood has a calorific value of approx. 4 kWh per kg - means 2,5 kg of wood replace 1 l fuel oil. 5-6 rm hard wood (deciduous wood) or 7-8 rm soft wood (pine wood) replace approx. 1000 l fuel oil.

Main Advantages of Wood Log Boilers:

  • Automatic boiler cleaning system
  • Automatic Ignitiation
  • Combustion-Control to secure clean burn-up
  • Lowest Emissions
  • Comfortable handling
  • Highest Efficiency
  • Wood logs as a local renewable fuel
  • Ash can be used as a fertilizer in garden (small amounts)

Advantages for farmers:

  • Use of Residual Wood
  • Additional Income through selling wood logs
  • Minimal workload through mechanical log production
  • Efficient and Eco-friendly Wood-Log Boiler