Wood chips: crisis-resistant fuel

Heating with wood chips is environmentally friendly

Compared to other biomass and particularly fossil fuels, wood chips are regarded as the cheapest form of heating. Only domestic residual wood is used for the production of the chips. Thanks to a high degree of automation, wood chips can be produced cheaply and without much effort.


Farmers then can use the wood chips for the heating of their own and for the supply of other facilities – a win-win situation, so to speak.

Thanks to the advanced technology of the HARGASSNER wood chip boilers you heat cheaply and energy-efficient – with efficiency levels of 95 percent and energy levels of A+.


Pro tip: 

Before being chopped to chips, the residual wood gets air-dried. Farmers and woodworking companies can then use the wood chips for their own heat production and/or for the supply of customers and other facilities.


Advantages for industries and public facilities:

  • Cost-efficient fuel with maximum comfort
  • Crisis-resistant, local fuel
  • Independence from oil and gas
  • Delivery through regional partners
  • Support of the local economy

Advantages for Farmers and forest-owners:

  • Residual Wood is used effectively
  • Additional income through the selling of wood chips
  • Minimal workload through automatic chip production
  • Maximum workload reduction through a fully automatic heating system

Wood-Chips according to ÖNORM M 7133:

Specification ÖNorm M7133 EN 17225 - Class A1 - B1
Heating Value 4 kWh / kg at 25% W 4 kWh / kg at 25% W
Weight 200 - 250 kg / m³ 200 - 250 kg / m³
Size G 30 / G 50 P16S - P31S
Water Content w 20 - 35 % M 10 - M 35
Energydemand for production: Approx. 1,8-2% of energy-content

Hargassner Wood chip boilers