Pellet: CO2-neutral fuel

Heating eco-friendly with wood pellets

Heating with pellets is regarded as particularly eco-friendly, cheap and efficient - thanks to the first-class energy- and fuel values. Also the storage of the pellets is usually much more easier than with wood logs or wood chips, for example.

Our innovative pellet boilers ensure a CO2 neutral heating of every living space - much cheaper than with oil or gas. Thanks to their numerous benefits, pellet boilers are one of the most popular options among common biomass heaters.

Major advantages when using pellets:

  • Crisis-resistant: local fuel
  • Short transport routes
  • Simple storage: either by pellet-bags or pellet fuel trucks
  • Dust-free and odourless refilling
  • Low space-requirements for storage
  • Efficient and eco-friendly pellet boilers

Pellets are the best form of heating, compared to fossil fuel or electricity/heat pumps.

Pro tip: 

When deciding for biomass heaters, customers usually enjoy considerable financial support from federal agencies. Many European governments are willing to offer supportive grants when you decide to switch from fossil to eco-friendly fuels.


However, amount and conditions for the grants for biomass boilers vary from state to state. Find all relevant information - including links to official authorities - on our page for grants and financial support (in German).

Quality Standards

Pellets are standardised according to ÖNORM M 7135 or EN 17225-2.

Specification ÖNorm M7135 EN 17225-2  Class A1
Heating Value > 18 MJ/kg = 5 kWh/kg 16,5 < 0 < 19 MJ/kg = 5 kWh/kg
Weight 650 kg/m³ > 600 kg / m³
Diameter 6 mm < 6 + - 1,0 mm
Length 5 - 40 mm 3,15 < L < 40 mm (99 %), L < 45 mm (1 %)
Water Content w < 10 % w < 10 %
Dust Content < 1 % < 1 %
Ash Content < 0,5 % < 0,7 %
Energydemand for production: Approx. 2,7% of energy-content

Most important quality-criteria:

  • Lowest possible dust-content
  • Hard & shiny surface of the pellets
  • Natural wood, no additives


Please consider the quality when purchasing or receiving pellets. (proven according to ÖNORM M7135)