Boiler for commercial and industrial business premises

High performance boilers
advanced and powerful heating


The boiler for your commercial and industrial business premises

Advanced and powerful heating

Our special boilers for special requirement are designed for the increased energy demand of commercial and industrial companies. Thus, the high-performance biomass boilers from Hargassner always ensure an optimal heat supply, whether in continuous operation or with changing power requirements, e.g.: in seasonal operation.

In this case, we are not only talking about the classic pellet or wood chips boiler, which can be operated in cascade up to 2 MW output, but also about products such as combi boilers or our own powerful combined heat and power generator.

A boiler capacity of up to 2,500 kW and efficiencies of over 95% are a clear indication. The power requirement can be adapted individually to your needs or to the seasons.

Heating commercial & industrial buildings efficiently

Our biomass heating solutions have been designed from the outset for high performance use. Robust construction, state-of-the-art combustion chamber, engine components and control system have been designed to guarantee long-term operational reliability - with first-class comfort and the highest possible efficiency.

The Hargassner heating modules are also interesting for companies. An effective solution for those who cannot have the boiler room  and/or storage for fuel in the building - for example due to lack of space.  Individually adaptable to the conditions on site, external container solutions as single or double-decker variants offer sufficient space for heating and storage of the fuel.

Boiler for Commercial & Industrial companies
Advantages at a glance

  • Suitable for high performance - flexible adaption to the requried power sacle
  • High peformance data - up to 2.5 MW - for an optimal supply of thermal energy
  • Intelligent transportation solutions for an efficient global offer
  • Individual control setup for optimal process-operation
  • Financial support through subsidies from local government

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